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This "Annual Bond" served as the invitation to the 5th Annual dinner of the Quoin Club which was held at the original Waldorf Astoria on December 13th, 1906. Members of the Quoin Club included various wealthy and famous NYC socialites.

On January 17, 1953 (61 years ago), the Chevrolet Corvette made its grand debut at the General Motors Motorama hosted in our Grand Ballroom.

Darcy Reddan and Cardinal Dolan.jpg
Cardinal Timothy Dolan shakes hands with attendee Darcy Reddan (right) as Darcy's mother looks on. This photograph was taken at the 2013 Catholic Charities event hosted here in our Grand Ballroom.

Car Show 1933.jpg
A view of the first General Motors "Motorama" held in our Grand Ballroom in 1933.

The New York City show opened on January 20, 1949 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and ran for eight days closing on January 27, 1949. More than 300,000 people visited it during its run at the Waldorf and were treated to elaborate displays of 32…

Hosted in our Grand Ballroom, GM's Motorama showcased not only cars, but performances highlighting the innovations of the automobile industry and the "promises of tomorrow." This rare video clip showcases just how unique our Grand Ballroom…

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden toured the United States in 1965 to further solidify political relations between the US and Great Britain. This video below captures their time in New York before they returned back home. WILD ABOUT MARGARET

Model Joan Lockwood is photographed selecting items from a glass case at the 30th Annual IGA Food Store Convention held in our Grand Ballroom. She puts a large round "key" in a matching slot while she presses buttons to make her selection. The…
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