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Press Release 008.jpg
This press release announces the plans for "public functions and private entertaining at the new Waldorf-Astoria hotel." This press release mentions the Grand Ballroom, the Astor Gallery, the Jade Ballroom and its Foyer, the Starlight Roof, and many…

Original Clock009.jpg
This is a photograph of the original Goldsmith Clock which was featured at the World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. This clock was a gift from Queen Victoria as a way to show the friendship between England and the United States.


Waldorf Opening001.jpg
This photo was taken at the opening of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in 1931. Seated from left to right is Henry Firestone (tires), Julius Rosenwald (Sears), Thomas Edison (electricity), Sir Thomas Lipton (tea), Charles Schwab (US Steel), Henry Ford…

Pictured in front of the full-scale model of Apollo 7 from left-to-right is Conrad Hilton, John Glenn, Dr. Wernher von Braun, and Barron Hilton. This display was located on the lobby of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. The 19th Congress of the…

The Waldorf=Astoria celebrates Inauguration Day, 1981
Black and white photograph depicting the 50-pound inaugural cake honoring President Reagan and Vice President Bush as displayed in the Main Lobby of the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel on January 20, 1981.

Floor Covering Weekly Clipping from March 8, 1965 displaying the newly placed Terrazzo Vinyl Flooring on the Main Floor of the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel.

"TERRAZZO VINYL by Amtico was chosen by Waldorf-Astoria management with an eye to heavy traffic…

Black and white photograph depicting one of the Art Deco metal grillwork designs that appear around the Main Lobby.

Black and white photograph depicting the Great Clock, located in the center of the Main Lobby, Waldorf=Astoria Hotel.
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