• The US ambassador to the UN has lived in the hotel since the inception of the UN in 1945.

• 42A is the official residence of the Ambassador and thus is an embassy.

• Among the more notable ambassadors are Henry Cabot Lodge, Adlai Stevenson, George H.W. Bush, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Andrew Young.

• The art Embassy provides artwork throughout the suite. This art is rotated frequently.

• The suite consists of 4 bedrooms (2 with King beds, 1 with a Queen bed and 1 with two twins beds), a modern kitchen, a very large dining room set for 22- it looks like it could hold 4 rounds. There is a large living room with grand piano, a smaller den with a large modern flat screen TV and great views East and South.

• Frantzy Charlenagne manages the suite and has been in her role for 30 years, through 12 ambassadors.


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