Social memory is a concept of collectively remembering particular places, events, people and time periods; it goes without saying how heavily engrained the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is in world social culture and memory – room service? Host to the Big Four Allied Powers? Host to Presidents, Princes, and Kings? Yes, these are all Waldorf moments.

The Waldorf Moments Project provides an opportunity for our guests, visitors, fans and followers to share their historical and contemporary Waldorf Moments with our social media community and our archive as a way to further enhance our history and our place within daily life. This social memory project aims to highlight the stories of those whom have worked, visited and even passed by our establishment while such Presidents, Princes and Kings were in house and share them with the world.

Did you have your wedding here? An anniversary? A birthday? Was your grandparent(s) or parent(s) a former team member? – Share your Waldorf Moment with us! History is multi-faceted and we want our archive to be multi-faceted as well. If you are interested in sharing your special Waldorf Moment, we want to hear from you!


To participate, please fill out the form below. By submitting your “Waldorf Moment” memory, you are acknowledging that the Waldorf Astoria may use your submitted materials for archival and/or social media purposes.