• Cuban American bandleader- like Lombardo a fine violinist

• His band- great for dancing the Tango- was the orchestra on opening night at the Waldorf in 1931

• Later he modified the sound with the times, moving to the Conga, the Mambo, the Cha Cha and then the Twist

• His band, the Gigolos was part of the Big Band era- his was the resident Waldorf orchestra both up to and after WWII totaling 16 years

• Xavier would wave his baton with one hand while holding his Chihuahua in the other

• Married 4 times, his last was to Charro in the first wedding ever at Caesars Palace in Vegas. Another famous wife was the singer Abbe Lane

• Cugat appeared in several major films, including Weekend at the Waldorf.


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