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Main Lobby Clock

As you move east through the hotel, you'll find The Main Lobby situated at the very heart of the Waldorf Astoria. The design style exemplifies "quiet elegance" of Art Deco design. The two-story lobby is girded by black marble columns supporting a tripartite ceiling with detailing that incorporates many of the prominent design motifs that appear throught the building.

The Great Clock, Main Lobby<br />

In the very center of the room stands the great clock, originally designed for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The clock weighs two tons and stands nine feet tall bearing the likenesses of Queen Victoria and a number of great U.S. Presidents. Atop the clock is Lady Liberty, pointing upwards to a nickel-bronze medallion featuring a woman with a theatrical mask kneeling among flower baskets and frozen fountains. These medallions blend the Neoclassical elements of Art Deco style with a nod to the theater, an integral part of the culture of New York City.


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Main Lobby