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Black and white photograph depicting a Herbert Hoover press event at the Waldorf Towers on his 86th birthday, August 1960.

Black and white photograph of Buddy Howe, Milton Berle, and Cary Grant presenting Frank Sinatra with the Friar's Club "entertainer of the year" award at 1976 testimonial dinner.

Black and white photograph showing Cary Grant, Barbara Harris, and unidentified individuals at the awards presentation of the Friar's Club, 1982.

7,526,220 - - Presidential Suite_Urban Gardner - 2.29.JPG
The Waldorf=Astoria’s Presidential Suite was explored by “Urban Gardner” Ralph Gardner in The Wall Street Journal (which had a circulation of 2,096,169 in February 2012). This article featured quotes by Jim Blauvelt and highlighted…

31,769,600 - - Presidential Suite - 2.16.12.JPG highlighted The Waldorf’s Presidential Suite as a place to sleep like a president for those wondering “Where to celebrate Presidents’ Day”. The “Itineraries” section article (which reached 31,769,600…

605,677 - Daily News - 60th Anniversary Couple - 3.1.12.JPG
The Daily News featured the return of Joan and Isidore Schwartz to The Waldorf=Astoria for their 60th wedding anniversary. The Hotel hosted the celebratory couple for the second time at the very rate paid on March 2, 1952 (a reproduction of the bill…

20,000 - National Culinary Review - Chef Garcelon Q&A - Feb.12.JPG
National Culinary Review spoke with Waldorf Chef David Garcelon about cooking in a hotel kitchen. Chef Garcelon addressed special challenges facing a luxury hotel (including volume and diversity of special requests), compared his kitchen to an…

27,661,591 - - Presidential Suite - 2.6.12.JPG
The Presidential Suite was featured in The Daily News (with a circulation of 514,920) in anticipation of Presidents’ Day. An article entitled “Commander in Suite” highlighted the four-bedroom apartment’s luxurious history and…
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