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Color photograph depicting the celebration of First Lady Betty Ford's birthday at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, April 8, 1976.

Archive081_Ballroom NYE.jpg
Black and white photograph depicting the annual televised New Year's Eve Gala hosted by Guy Lombardo, 1976.

Archive053_Lady Johnson.jpg
Color photograph depicting a surprise birthday party thrown for the First Lady, Betty Ford, April 8, 1976.

Archive036_Summer Restaurant.jpg
Historical photograph of the Starlight Roof, Waldorf=Astoria, date unknown.

Archive035_Grand Ballroom 1950s.jpg
Black and white photograph depicting the United Nations Children's Fund Gala Dinner Dance also celebrating the Waldorf=Astoria's Silver Anniversary held in the Grand Ballroom, September 28, 1956.

Archive021_Latin Night.jpg
Black and white photograph depicting Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra performing at Latin Night at the Starlight Roof, date unknown.

Black and white lithographic image depicting the Grand Ballroom arranged for a banquet for HRH Prince Henry of Prussia at the Astoria from the 1903 promotional publication assembled by George C. Boldt, then manager and proprietor of the…

HB 22.jpg
Black and white photograph depicting the Circus Ball held in the Grand Ballroom from the 1935 publication "The Waldorf-Astoria" by Richard Averill Smith.
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