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The Empire Room: A Setting for Dinner and Dancing: As Prohibition was repealed, the country found itself in the throws of the Great Depression shortly followed by World War II. Though Café Society fared these times less harshly than most, they still wished for an escape which they found in parties and entertainment - an exciting music scene was emerging as jazz clubs popped up around the city - and our Waldorf Astoria was home of the hippest venue of all.


Hats, Balloons, and Noisemakers:  When the Waldorf Astoria Hotel reopened on Park Avenue in 1931, celebrants were greeted by maître d'hôtel Oscar Tschirky, addressed by President Herbert Hoover, and entertained by a live symphony orchestra playing military and American airs. 


The National Football Foundation:The mission of the National Football Foundation is to cultivate competition, leadership, sportsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence, and for more than half a century, one of the missions of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel has been to host and celebrate this spirit of achievement.

 "Oscar of the Waldorf"Oscar Tschirky, only ever known as 'Oscar' or 'Oscar of the Waldorf' (people stumbled when attempting to pronounce his last name) is one of the foundations of the Waldorf-Astoria. His path crossed with the hotel when he walked past its construction site on Easter Sunday in 1890 – upon learning that the wealthy William Waldorf Astor was building a hotel, he knew it was his destiny to work there.


 The Orignal Waldorf Astoria Hotel:This exhibit examines the rich history of the original Waldorf Astoria Hotel and how we came to reign as New York's Unofficial Palace well into the twenty-first century.


The "Waldorf O'Storia": Meaning “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes” in Gaelic, Ireland’s native language, the term “C’ead Mile Failte” (pronounced “kad meel-a fall-sha”) could not be more fitting for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel! 



The Waldorf Astoria in Pop Culture:Our hotel’s influence in popular culture, also known as “pop culture”, can be seen in various movies, television series and novels, but what about the world of animation?



The Waldorf Astoria Rooftop Garden:The Waldorf Astoria past, present and future has a rich tradition of roof top gardens.  

 For the Love of Dog: Most hotels and resorts today offer pet-friendly packages for travelers who bring their beloved pooches along for the trip.The Waldorf Astoria enervated this process!