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100 Famous Cocktails - Prepared in Collaboration with Oscar of the Waldorf

100 Famous Cocktails 

A rare collection of 100 famous cocktails and beverages and tips on the ettiquite and "romance" of wine and liquors.


 Hotel-Waldorf Astoria Corporation. Behind the Scenes at the Waldorf Astoria. 1934

Behind the Scenes

This book was published by the Hotel Waldorf Astoria Coporation in 1934 as a way to provide guests with a real-life look into how our world-famous hotel operated during that time. 


The Cookbook by Oscar of the Waldorf. 1896. 


This famous cookbook provides recipes for every meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert - and even provides separate meals for children and those with special diets! This rare and vintage cookbook even includes a recipe for the original Waldorf Salad! 


Encantada, Casa. The House of Hilton 

House of Hilton

This small piece provides a background to Casa Encantada, the home of Conrad Hilton in Los Angeles. 


Crockett, A.S. The Old Waldorf Bar Book (Second Edition) 

Old Bar Book

The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book is the bible of the Old School of American Bartending, whose heyday lasted from 1897 until 1919. Its collection of pre-Prohibition drink recipes is based on the bar manual of the legendary Waldorf-Astoria bar. For each drink, you are treated with a delightful and humorous anecdote that makes great cocktail conversation. For historians, there is a brief explanation of the origin and meaning of names given to each drink. Originally published in 1935 by Albert Stevens Crockett. 


Lent, Henry B. The Waldorf-Astoria: A Brief Chronicle of a Unique Institution Now Entering its Fifth Decade. 1934  


A history of our hotel dating back from our original location on 34th Street in 1893 to Park Avenue in 1934. 


Schriftgiesser, Karl. Oscar of the Waldorf. Introduction by Oscar Tschirky, Forward by Frank Crowninshield. E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. 1943


A rare biographical novel detailing the legacy of Oscar Tschirky, famous Matrie d'Hotel of the Waldorf Astoria. 


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