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The American Hotel: The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts. The Wolfsonian-Florida International Institution. Issue 25. 2005 

American Journal

 A periodical printed by the Wolfsonian-Florida International Institution of Miami, Florida, discussing the trends in art and architecture. One of our famous Tower's is featured on the cover. 

Kahr, Joan. Edgar Brandt: Art Deco Ironwork. 2010 

Edgar Brandt

 A pictorial reference biography on Edgar Brandt, one of the most famous artists of the Art Deco Period (1920s-1930s). Joan Kahr is one of the foremost scholars on Brandt and his work which can be seen throughout our hotel next time you are with us, please do take the time to view these beautiful designs! 

Grand American Hotels. Catherine Donzel, Alexis Gregory & Marc Watter. Preface by Paul Goldberger. Arbook, Paris. 1989

Grand American Hotels

An historic account of North America's historic hotels and the legacy they have within US culture and society. 

Grand Hotels of the Jazz Age: The Architecture of Schultze and Weaver. Edited by Marianne Lamonaca and Johnathan Mogul. Wolfsonian-Florida International Institute and the Princeton Associated Press, New York. 

Hotels Jazz Age

This book presents portfolios of fifteen of the firm’s most spectacular hotels, culminating in the Art Moderne masterpiece of the Waldorf-Astoria. Over two hundred period photographs and hand-colored architectural renderings chart the ascent of the American hotel in all its glory and glamour, before the Great Depression forever changed the lifestyles of America's rich and famous. Essays address the cultural and technological developments that underpin the creation of resort and residential hotels, including the elemental role played by Schultze & Weaver.

Doherty, John. and John Harrison. The Waldorf Astoria Cookbook. 2009.


 A collection of our most famous recipes to share with you all! This book is on sale in our hotel's gift shop and can be found online! 

The Waldorf Hotel. Research Review Publications. 1997  

Waldorf Hotel

A historical reference book about the history of The Waldorf Hotel, which opened in 1893 under the direction of George C. Boldt and William Waldorf Astor. 


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