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Finding Aids


The content in our archive repository is assigned to one of the following collections:

Administrative (01)

Buildings (02)

Histories and Publications (03)

Biographical (04)

Press & Media (05)

Photographs (06)

Objects (07)

Items are organized by subject matter and are further divided into series. For example, the Administrative Records category is further subdivided based on division of the hotel departments. (Unless otherwise noted, the arrangement for these collections was imposed during processing in the absence of a noted provenance).It is important to note that the sub-series of the Photographs Collection reflect the other collections they relate to. For preservation purposes, photographs have been separated into their category and stored separately from other records.

Access: The Waldorf Astoria Archive is an open repostory on a digitally based platform, meaning that our policy is to provide the researcher with a digitized copy of relevant materials. Because a good portion of our collections have been digitized, some items may be available for viewing through our digital items and collections. However, if you wish to seek further information from the archive, please contact the Archivist at jonatanstas@yahoo.com.

Copyright: Copyright is held by the Waldorf Astoria New York unless otherwise noted.

Finding Aid:

i. Event Services
ii. Sales and Marketing
iii. Purchasing, Human Resources
iv. Restaurants (A-Z)
v. Oversize

02. Buildings 
i. Chronological History (1897-2013)
ii. Publications (1900-2013)
i. Guest/Resident 
ii. Staff/Entertainment/Owners

05. Press and Media
i. Buildings - Towers
ii. Buildings - Hotel
iii. Administrative Records
    a. Events 
    b. Food and Beverage 
    c. Restaurants 
iii. Biographical 
    1. Staff/Owners 
    2. Political 
    3. Special 
    4. Guests/Entertainers
07. Objects
i. Hats / Shirs
ii. Building Equipment
iii. Plates
iv. Miscellaneous
v. Cups
vi. Ashtrays/Amnesty