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New WA017- Grand Ballroom.jpg
Postcard features image of the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria set for an event. Text identifies the Ballroom as the most famous room of its kind in New York City in its capacity to accommodate up to 1600 guests.

I.M. Pei (R) and his wife Eileen at Asia Society's Annual Dinner at New York's Waldorf Astoria in 2004.

USS Enterprise.jpg
The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise poses for their photograph in the Grand Ballroom at their celebratory ships party dinner.

As per Time Magazine: "Actress Helen Hayes, who was featured on the cover of Time on Dec. 30, 1935, introduces some other cover subjects. She got round after round of applause as she stood in the spolight" on the stage of the Grand Ballroom.

George and Lenore Romney004.jpg
There were over 1,000 guests in attendance at Time Magazines 40th Anniversary celebration. In this posting, guests featured include George and Leonore Romney, Ginger Rogers, Former VP Henry Agard Wallace, James A. Farley (Coca-Cola Corporation / U.S.…

The menu and program design for the Time Magazine 40th Anniversary party was quite elaborate and featured some of societies most popular personalities. Though the dinner only lasted for about 2 hours, the dancing lasted until 4:00 A.M.!

Time Magazine014.jpg
The cover of Time Magazine in 1963 celebrating its anniversary party that was held at the historic Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
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