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Black and white photograph depicting a Herbert Hoover press event at the Waldorf Towers on his 86th birthday, August 1960.

Black and white photograph. Press slip on the reverse reads: "June 14th, 1934. Life-size portrait of the late General Coleman du Pont, which now hangs in the South Lounge of the famous Peacock Alley of The Waldorf-Astoria, in commemoration of his…

Black and white photograph magnified from a contact sheet depicting President Ronald Reagan greeting Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at what is believed to be the reception of the state dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria given by President Ronald Reagan…

Philip Elting.jpg
Black and white autographed photograph of Philip Elting, given to Oscar Tschirky, with an inscription reading: "To my friend "Oscar", Philip Elting, July 26. 1927".

Signed photograph from Philippe Bunau-Varilla to Oscar Tschirky, reading: "To Oscar, the great manager of the greatest and best hotel in the world, the Waldorf Astoria, where in room 1162 were laid the foundations of the Republic of Panama in October…

Black and white photograph depicting the living room of the Presidential Suite circa 1962. Toward the right is John F. Kennedy's rocking chair, now a permanent part of the Suite. As part of the 1978 redecoration, a brass plaque was added to identify…

Color photograph depicting a plaque with the names of thirteen notable guests of the Presidential Suite. Created in 1978 on the occasion of a rehabilitation of the space, this plaque is nine inches by fifteen inches and made out of satin brass.

Black and white photograph depicting the gold oval mirror and eagle-based table in the reception hall of the Presidential Suite, date unknown. These pieces were donated to The Waldorf=Astoria Hotel by President Ronald Reagan.
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